Meet The Owner Of Sinful Coffee Company


Lindsay Schlegel, 29, grew up in a small town in Maryland her entire life. One day she decided she needed an out. She packed all her things, bought an RV, and set off to Houston in 2019. She was working as a Professional Sports Therapist for the Houston Texans and was working on some of the top athletes in the nation. When the pandemic hit, it wasn't long before she was living out of her car. After some hardships, she made another huge trip across the states and landed in Las Vegas, Nevada in the beginning of June 2020. 

Since then, Lindsay has discovered some of Earth's most beautiful sceneries, and to keep on keeping on, she LOVES her coffee in the morning. She became a coffee connoisseur and focused on quality coffee brands. Little to her surprise, there were no real, authentic, and flavorful coffee brands in her area. So, she went on the hunt to find them herself, right down to the very bean. 
Lindsay also volunteers with local organizations such as Shine-a-light program, which focuses on the men, women, and children living in the underground tunnels of Las Vegas. This is her way to enjoy some of the best flavored coffee out there, while giving back to her local communities.